Characterising Building Geometry at Scale

Building geometry is significant in many ways such as the urban building retrofit and building stock analysis. However, the current approaches to collect building geometry data is highly limited to on-site survey or pre-registered data. The project aims to develop a method which utilises computer vision technologies to characterise building geometry data at scale with a high automation level.

Characterising Building Geometry at Scale2021-07-03T20:24:16+00:00

An Ecological-Thermodynamic Approach to Urban Metabolism

Cities have evolved as centers of economic growth but are also responsible for high resource consumption and greenhouse gases emission. In the urban metabolism framework, cities are often described as open systems where the intake of resources is heavily dependent on flows imported from the external environment to sustain economic growth.

An Ecological-Thermodynamic Approach to Urban Metabolism2021-07-03T20:25:48+00:00
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