This project is set to deliver a roadmap for developing a regional emissions budgeting assessment framework which provides a more robust evidence base to inform decisions on emission reduction measures on a long-term basis. The aim of this work is to produce a roadmap for developing for measuring regional emissions and forecasting of future pathways to achieve net zero emissions. This is in support of the South Yorkshire Net Zero Programme Data project for developing an evidence base to deliver a central carbon inventory for the whole of South Yorkshire and develop a consistent method of measuring emissions for tracking up-to-date emission pathways. This requires initiatives in gathering local data at higher granularity for construction of a data-sharing repository to provide site-specific datasets for identifying where interventions are needed.

The key recommendation for developing a REBF is to combine and adapt from existing methods such as the Greenhouse Gas Protocol for Community-Scale Greenhouse Gas Emission Inventories, the Common Reporting Framework of the Global Covenant of Mayors and the Setting City Area Targets and Trajectories for Emissions Reduction (SCATTER) tools. This would cover for Scope 1 (territorial) and Scope 2 (grid-supplied) emissions, consider some limited Scope 3 (embedded) emissions, including emissions from energy generation. In the way forward, establishment of a tool that can be managed and controlled under the MCA is required to provide space for further improvement, knowledge exchange and capacity building in the LAs and the whole region.

People: Ling Min Tan, Hadi Arbabi, Danielle Densley Tingley, Martin Mayfield-Tulip

Project Status: Complete

Project Start Date: 4th January 2021

Keywords: Net zero, carbon budgets, regional development, decarbonisation

Funding Scheme: Research England Quality-Related Strategic Priorities Fund