Multi-scale, circular economic potential of non-residential building stock

Reducing the demand for new materials and embodied carbon will be significant challenges that the construction sector faces in the coming decades. This research will build the evidence base to demonstrate the role the circular economy can have in tackling these challenges in construction, and provide the knowledge required to facilitate shifts in policy and practice.

Multi-scale, circular economic potential of non-residential building stock2021-08-03T20:28:23+00:00

DecarboN8 – an integrated network to decarbonise transport

The latest report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change in 2018 highlighted the need for urgent, transformative change, on an unprecedented scale, if global warming is to be restricted to 1.5C. The DecarboN8 project will develop a new network of researchers, working closely with industry and government, capable of designing solutions which can be deployed rapidly and at scale.

DecarboN8 – an integrated network to decarbonise transport2021-08-03T20:41:17+00:00

Active Building Centre

The Active Building Centre is researching and developing innovative tools and technologies that will ensure buildings of all scales contribute to a reduction in carbon emissions and a more sustainable built environment.

Active Building Centre2021-08-03T20:47:58+00:00

Engineering Complexity Resilience Network Plus

Our vision is to identify, develop and disseminate new methods to improve the resilience and sustainable long-term performance of complex engineered systems, including Cities and National Infrastructure, ICT and Energy Infrastructure.

Engineering Complexity Resilience Network Plus2021-08-16T19:25:52+00:00
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